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Tips for enjoying every moment of your life

Forgive yourself and others
Life is too short to hold on to regrets, grudges, miscommunications, or disappointments. Free yourself by forgiving and letting go of any negative energy you're holding on to about yourself or others. The process of forgiving yourself and others will result in your feeling light and free.
Practice gratitude and appreciation
Whatever you focus on grows. So, when you focus on every thing in your life, you feel grateful for all and appreciate the wonderful people, the universe hands you more to feel grateful about.Live each day as though it were your last
Then you will be living in a state of love and unconditional contribution. What would you say to the people you care about? Say it.Meditate or pray
You open up a direct link between yourself and the spiritual realm when you meditate or pray. You will come closer to your creator, experience peace, clarity and joy, as well as a perfectly balanced state between your mental, physical, emotional and spiri…

Don't judge a book by its cover

Some people are just doomed to be failures. That's the way some adults look at troubled kids. Maybe you've heard the saying, "A bird with a broken wing will never fly as high." I'm sure that T. J. Ware was made to feel this way almost every day in school.

By high school, T. J. was the most celebrated troublemaker in his town. Teachers literally cringed when they saw his name posted on their classroom lists for the next semester. He wasn't very talkative, didn't answer questions and got into lots of fights. He had flunked almost every class by the time he entered his senior year, yet was being passed on each year to a higher grade level. Teachers didn't want to have him again the following year. T. J. was moving on, but definitely not moving up. 
I met T. J. for the first time at a weekend leadership retreat. All the students at school had been invited to sign up for ACE traini…

Story of The Brahmin and the crooks

Mitra Sarma was a Brahmin living in a small village. He used to daily worship Fire. It was the month of Magha (February). The sky was full of clouds and it had already started raining. Sarma left for a neighbouring village at that time to seek the gift of a sacrificial lamb from some rich man. He called on a well-to-do man in the village and requested him to make him a gift of a healthy lamb for sacrifice to Gods. The wealthy man gave him one of the well-fed lambs he had.Carrying the lamb on his shoulders, the Brahmin began his homeward journey. Three crooks, very hungry and emaciated, crossed his path and seeing the healthy lamb on the Brahmin’s shoulders thought, “Ah, God has sent us good food. Let us trick the Brahmin into parting with it and free us from hunger and cold.” At once, they began to act. One of them changed into a disguise, and overtaking the Brahmin by another route, stopped him and said, “O what a fool you are? Such a great worshipper of Fire, why are you carrying thi…

The foolish lion and the clever rabbit

Once upon a time there lived a ferocious lion in the forest. It was a greedy lion and started killing animals in the forest indiscriminately. Seeing this, the animals gathered and decided to approach the lion with the offer of one animal of each species volunteering itself to be eaten by the lion everyday. So every day it was the turn of one of the animals and in the end came the rabbits' turn. The rabbits chose a old rabbit among them. The rabbit was wise and old. It took its own sweet time to go to the Lion. The Lion was getting impatient on not seeing any animal come by and swore to kill all animals the next day.

The rabbit then strode along to the Lion by sunset. The Lion was angry at him. But the wise rabbit was calm and slowly told the Lion that it was not his fault. He told the Lion that a group of rabbits were coming to him for the day when on the way, an angry Lion attacked them all and ate all rabbits but himself. Somehow he escaped to reach safely, the rabbit said. He sa…

The Devoted Son

Jamadagni was a Great Rishi. He lived a pious life with his wife Renuka. One day Renuka and the rishi were making a shivalinga from clay.

Just as they were giving in the finishing touches, Renuka’s concentration was distracted by the sound of hooves. The shadow of the Kshatriya king who rode that way fell on the shivalinga. Rishi Jamadagni who noticed the loss of concentration of his wife was enraged. He called his eldest son.
“Your mother must be killed now,” the rishi ordered. But Jamadagni’s son refused to kill her. The rishi then called his second son. The second son wanted to know why he should kill an innocent woman who was also his mother.
Jamadagni then called his third son. “Cut off your mother’s head now,” he ordered. The third son was Parashurama. Without a word Parashurama beheaded his mother. Jamadagni was pleased. ‘Ask for two boons and it shall be yours. I am pleased with you,” said the rishi to Parashurama. “Father”, said Parashurama, “bring mother back to life. I know not w…