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Lincoln's great spirit

There's a place in Washington where we can see a moving display of genuine presidential piety: the National Cathedral. If you visit the cathedral you will find a statue of Abraham Lincoln poised on his knees.
Many Americans don't realize that Lincoln actually instituted many forms of public recognition of God that we take for granted today. During his presidency, he declared more days of prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving than any president before or since. And, few realize that our traditional Thanksgiving celebration became a national holiday only after Lincoln's proclamation in 1863.

Yet, despite this pious pedigree, Lincoln was not actually committed to orthodox Christianity until close to the end of his life. As a young man, Lincoln openly questioned the truth of Scripture.
Then, in 1862, Lincoln's life took a dramatic turn. The war was not going well for the Union, and Lincoln was being savaged in both the Yankee and Confederate press. Personal tragedy …