My name is Dejan and I have set out on a global treasure hunt. I am looking for experiences that I hope will change the world. Maybe not for everybody, but possibly for you?

I squandered years of my life trying to win the rat race. It wasn’t until anxiety attack that I realised that it wasn’t worth winning. For me, the goal is not to die with the nicest house or car. I want to reach the end of my life, look back, and know that I’ve lived.

So rather than trying to build a bigger business or make more money, I set out to create an automated income. My goal was simple: generate $1 000 per day with a business that could be run in less than 1 hour per week. After a considerable amount of trial and error I was able to make this happen!

So… How is this going to change the world?

I certainly am not the first one to achieve this, but my mission may be different from those before me.

I know that there are millions of people out there who feel the pull of adventure. There are places they want to see, people they want to meet, and things they want to experience. Yet they find themselves working their job (or business) from 9 – 5, and living for the 2 – 3 weeks of adventure that they can squeeze in every year.

It is for these people, the adventurous at heart, that I have put together this blog.

My hope is that I can inspire and empower these adventurers to take charge of their lives and design their future. Inspire by sharing my story of global adventure and empower by sharing what I have learned about online business and income automation.

To be more specific: I aim to help 10 000 people become Full-Time Travelers, and I hope that you are one of them!